Structural Inspections

G&D provides structural inspections for residential and commercial construction and also provides engineering support to residential engineering contractors. The specific scope of service can vary, but typically involves the following:

  • Inspection is provided as a follow up to a property inspection report, where the report includes evaluation of wood framing or foundation issues, and a sealed letter of opinion with direction for repairs is required;
  • Inspection of an older home where structural problems are more likely and are evident. These inspections often address the structural components and building envelope. The report is written following the home inspector licensing board format, except it excludes electrical, plumbing, and mechanical, and includes direction for repairs, if needed. The report is sealed by a registered engineer.
  • Obvious structural concerns are observed, such as cracks in walls inside or outside the home or business, or floors sag or are uneven, and the property owner or prospective buyer wants an opinion concerning repairs or the cause of the problem.
  • A building contractor needs assistance or guidance with ongoing new construction or repairs for existing construction. A sealed letter report, often including a sketch or detail, is provided.