Geotechnical Engineering

G&D provides geotechnical engineering services on public works/utilities, commercial construction, and residential construction projects. Typical Services in this area include:

  • Geotechnical exploration (soil borings and standard penetration testing) for residential, commercial, and public construction;
  • Footing subgrade/foundation soils verification (either with standard drill rig or hand auger/DCP);
  • Foundation engineering, including design of deep pile foundations and reinforced concrete slabs to mitigate poor or weak foundation soil conditions; as well as design of underpinning systems utilizing helical piers and other systems;
  • Evaluation and rehabilitation of earthen dams and spillways including seepage and slope stability analysis.
  • Pavement condition surveys, and recommendations for flexible or rigid pavements and/or pavement overlay or repair;
  • Earthwork and grading technical specifications.