Construction Observation

G&D specializes in providing construction observation services on public works projects. G&D has successfully completed projects for a variety of clients including local municipalities, Universities, industrial facilities and other consulting firms. The scope of work usually involves providing a full or part-time resident construction inspector for the duration of the project, acting as an extension of the Engineer’s staff. The responsibilities of the RCI often include the following:

  1. Keeping track of quantities of work performed, reviewing and processing pay requests
  2. Observing the quality of the work to determine compliance with project specifications
  3. Monitoring the overall progress of the project for compliance with the work schedule
  4. Verifying compliance with sedimentation and erosion control permits
  5. Tracking subcontractors used on the project to ensure compliance with the project’s small/minority enterprise requirements as required
  6. Interacting with local business operations and residents to address complaints and other questions and concerns
  7. Maintaining ongoing communications with appropriate DOT staff so that work does not conflict with right of way use permits and local ordinances

G&D has developed a solid reputation working with all parties involved in construction projects for delivering quality work. In addition to working directly for municipal and/or institutional clients, G&D often provides a Resident Construction inspector (RCI) on projects performed as a subconsultant to other consulting firms.