Residential Property Inspections

G&D has been performing residential and commercial property inspections as one of its core business areas since its initial inception in 2003. According to the North Carolina Administrative Code (NCAC), only persons licensed by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board are permitted to perform home inspections for compensation in North Carolina. To qualify for licensure, they must satisfy certain education and experience requirements and pass a state licensing examination. In addition to multiple licensed home inspectors, the G&D project team includes licensed professional engineers and the team leader, Mr. Kirk Gavel, is a licensed home inspector, registered engineer, and licensed general contractor. This offers the benefit of the home inspector being qualified to identify problems that require an engineered solution and to propose appropriate solutions thereto. This streamlines and economizes the inspection process significantly as otherwise a typical home inspector must bring in an engineer for a separate site visit and an additional report to resolve the problem at greater cost.

The G&D project team also possesses the unique experience of having done thousands of property inspections for private clients, but also having worked directly with the City of Charlotte on previous home inspections and on other engineering projects. We believe this offers us the perspective of understanding how to work successfully with the City to achieve their goals while also satisfying the individual customers.

The G&D project team is flexible and responsive

We understand that home inspection requests may occur in bunches and at inconvenient times. We schedule home inspections on a daily basis and are also involved in other projects that require we be responsive to meet the client’s needs. Therefore, we have developed internal business processes that foster rapid response-times such as Supra Key access, broadband wireless cards, and contractual relationships with other licensed home inspectors who can fill in on an “as needed” basis. In addition, we often perform inspections on the weekends when it is most convenient for the homeowner.

The G&D project team understands the home inspection process

Home inspections are performed in conformance with the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensing Board Standards of Practice. Representative G&D experience includes:

  • Hundreds of home inspections conducted in conjunction with home sales, performed in accordance with standards set forth by the North Carolina Home Inspection Licensure Board;
  • Inspection of residential and commercial properties for damage to foundation and structural elements and prescription for repairs;
  • Damage claims investigations for insurance companies; and
  • Investigation and expert witness services in construction litigation.