Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

G&D has developed an innovative and cost-effective approach to performing sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects that has been very successful at reducing (1) chronic maintenance problems, (2) infiltration and inflow (I/I) peaks and volumes, (3) SSO’s, and (4) O&M budgets. G&D works closely to integrate our work processes with those of our clients. We see our role as primarily to:

  • Perform SSES,
  • Compile and analyze data
  • Provide timely and appropriate technical guidance to the client,
  • Prepare complete biddable construction documents, and to Manage construction on behalf of the client.

Our staff has extensive experience in the analysis of SSES data. Successful rehabilitation contracts require quick turnaround of the SSES data. G&D owns and uses Innovyze InfoMaster software to store and analyze SSES data and associate it with available GIS maps in developing sewer rehabilitation plans.