Commercial Property Inspection

Gavel & Dorn Engineering performs inspections of commercial properties. The scope of service varies with the client and the type of property or purpose of the inspection.

For investors or buyers, G&D often performs Property Condition Assessments (PCA’s) in accordance with ASTM E2018 as part of the commercial real estate financing process. The purpose of a is to observe and document readily visible materials and building system defects which might significantly affect the value of the property, and determine if conditions exist which may have a significant impact on the continued operation of the facility.

The PCA report includes recommendations and opinions of cost for correction of observed deficiencies based on the understanding that the facility will continue operating in its present occupancy classification. It also includes and opinion of the physical condition of the components, their ages and their expected useful life (EUL). The report identifies infrequently occurring maintenance items of significant cost, such as exterior painting, deferred maintenance and repairs and replacements that normally involve major expense or outside contracting.

G&D has inspected hundreds of buildings in the Carolinas. In many cases the purpose of the inspection is to identify problems and prescribe solutions for buildings that have experienced a wide range of issues including water/moisture problems, structural defects and foundation failure. Whatever the purpose of the inspection, we will tailor our scope of services to match the client’s needs and budget.